New Kindergarten and Classes

at Prince of Peace Preschool & Kindergarten!


At Prince of Peace, we teach and model mutual respect and cooperation with others as we learn, work and play together. And we’re not only expanding our schedule of  classes, but we are blessed with the opportunity to add an additional level with a Kindergarten Class.

          Morning Kindergarten

 Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 12:00pm

       An added Toddler Class

      Friday, 9:00am – 11:30am




Please visit the Schedule page to see a full listing of all the classes. There is also important information on the Parents page about skills that have been identified by our Battle Ground Schools which are emphasized in our classes.

We continually strive to help your child develop a sense of self-reliance, providing your child with age and ability appropriate materials, equipment and instruction.  Vocabulary, language, and listening skills, as well as following directions are also emphasized. Reading and  math readiness, and the study of God’s World are also key elements in our program.

Our Preschoolers Learn about Love

In addition to knowledge and skill development in the affective, cognitive and psychomotor learning realms, our children learn that they are loved by their Creator and that Jesus is their Savior and Friend. We guide children to become skilled in social interaction, emotional intelligence, physical development, artistic creativity and to know they are valuable and worthwhile. We’re helping them learn to believe in themselves and to care about the well-being of others. This gives them an early start on success and happiness that will set the tone for their lives in the future.

Our preschool is a collection of dedicated people who enjoy teaching, learning, creating, communicating, and praising God and each other, every day! When our children arrive they know they will have the time of their lives actualizing their God-given potential because every day that’s what happens!

The physical Site

Our preschool is located within Prince of Peace Lutheran Church at 14208 NE 249th Street, Battle Ground, WA. (View Map). We have classrooms adjoining our Fellowship Hall,  a large outdoor playground and an outdoor grassy area for relays and fun! (When the weather does not permit outdoor activities the Fellowship Hall is available for games and exercises.) Our classrooms feature space for play, circle time, snacks, individual reading and writing, theme center areas and art and craft areas. Hand washing facilities are in each classroom and restrooms are close-at-hand.

You are welcome to visit anytime! During the summer, our Director, Diane Bradseth, has limited hours.

Come and see for yourself how we
“live and share the good news of Jesus Christ!”